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Where to Begin if I don’t know any photo stuff? (Crash Course Synopsis for Photography)

The Very Basics as Crash Course as I can put it:

Every serious Photographer out there is shooting their photos in a format called RAW (not JPEG – which are most normal photos online or on your phone.)


You then edit this very powerful format on your Computer with Software (Adobe Lightroom is the best.)

Sounds scary, but its actually easy and super fun.
When you’ve made it look night and day more beautiful than what the camera could have done alone, save them to JPEGs, which are small and easy to send around, and spam them to all your friends and your mom to brag about what a superior human you are for having great drone shots.

  1. When your drone is connected to the App before you fly it – Change the settings to shoot in RAW Format
  2. Put it in manual mode – turn the ISO all the way down, and adjust the shutter until it looks nice and the meter is in the middle at Zero (not too bright not too dark)
  3. The plan is to copy the files over from the Memory Card to the PC, open up Adobe Lightroom (if you get it) and edit the photos to decide then to raise shadows, highlights, certain colors, fix errors in the lens, etc. It is VERY VERY powerful software that makes this all super easy. Literally knobs and check boxes.
  4. Get out there and show the world!

This is a seriously simple list, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to just gather this info as someone not totally new to photography. It’s like once everybody learns the steps themselves they no longer want to help other people out.

Anyway my course shows you how to do the really sweet stuff like isolating colors, stacking images to get super good, beautiful rich shadows and glowing highlights, things like that. These are techniques you can learn seriously TODAY. If you hate it moneyback inside 30 days.

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